49-Year-Old New Jersey Man Who Won A $338-Million Powerball Jackpot Arrested For Child Sexual Assault

49-year-old Pedro Quezada, who was the winner of a huge amount of $338-million Powerball jackpot back in 2013, has been taken into custody and charged with child sexual assault. Camelia Valdes, the Passaic County prosecutor, told that he was involved in the sexual assault of a girl. Quezada tortured her for 3 years. He began …

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New Jersey Dad Admits To Killing 3-Year-Old Infant To Keep His Girlfriend

23-year-old David Creato Jr accepted his crime of killing his 3-year-old son named Brendan Creato because the kid was a hurdle in the romantic relationship he had with his girlfriend and he didn’t want a break-up. The manslaughter occurred in the month of October back in 2015. On Wednesday, the dad pleaded guilty to one …

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Drunken Driving Penalties Toughen Up For Drivers Who Kill People In New Jersey

TRENTON – According to a bill that was signed Friday by Gov. Chris Christie, drunk drivers who kill people in New Jersey will be required to serve a prison sentence of at least three years after being convicted of homicide. The new bill, known as Ralph and David’s Law, has been put in place to …

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At Least 17 New Jersey Doctors Still Practicing Despite Sex Crime Convictions

A recent report by New Jersey 101.5 showed that at least 17 doctors, who were accused or convicted of sex-related crimes, are still practicing in New Jersey. The report also showed that some of them have agreements with the state to keep their identity hidden from those who come to them to get treatment. Behind …

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32-Year-Old Ismail Iqbal Killed By Alleged Drunken Driver In Montville Crash

MORRISTOWN – On Monday, the woman who killed 32-year-old Ismail Iqbal while driving under the influence of alcohol was released from prison under the deal that she will only get behind the wheel to go to work and to her son’s school. Facts of the Case The accident in which Iqbal lost his life happened …

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