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The Effects of a DWI Conviction On Professional Licenses

Understanding the Impact of DWI Convictions on Professional Licenses The consequences of a DWI conviction can be severe, especially when it comes to professional licenses. In many cases, individuals may face challenges in renewing or obtaining professional licenses after a DWI conviction. This can have a significant impact on their careers and livelihoods. Understanding the …

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Can Police Officers Conduct a Search Without a Warrant in New Jersey?

The U.S. Constitution protects people against unreasonable searches and seizures. Police officers generally need to get a warrant from a judge to conduct a search. However, there are some limited exceptions. In this article, our New Jersey criminal defense attorney provides an overview of the key things to know about your search warrants, the legal …

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3 Ways a Police Officer’s Body Camera Could Save You From a DWI Conviction – A Criminal Defense Attorney’s Perspective

This poignant quote from Washington Township, NJ, assemblyman Paul Moriarty comes on the heels of New Jersey’s new law that requires all police patrol vehicles to be equipped with dashboard cameras. Moriarty was charged with driving while intoxicated (DWI) in 2012, but the charge was later dismissed when evidence from the patrol vehicle camera footage …

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New Jersey’s Tough Anti-Bullying Law – 4 Things Parents Need To Know If Their Child Has Been Accused Of Bullying

Following the tragic suicide of bullied teen Tyler Clementi in 2010, the New Jersey Legislature found that the percentage of students bullied in all of  New Jersey is higher than the national median.  Our lawmakers took action, and Governor Chris Christie intended for the new anti-bullying law, which was passed in 2011, to be one …

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The Spotlight On Pre-Trial Intervention And Domestic Violence – Was Ray Rice’s Case Handled Properly?

Much has been said about the graphic video recently released showing a physical altercation in an Atlantic City casino elevator last February between the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens player Ray Rice and his wife, Janay Rice – but many are left scratching their heads as to why he’s not in jail after such an attack.  Did …

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