ICE Arrests 91 People During Five-Day Span in New Jersey

Last week, 91 individuals were taken into custody in New Jersey by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in the time period of 5 days. The police targeted individuals with immigration violations. More than half of the individuals arrested were convicted criminals and had felony convictions. Given below is the information of some of the …

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Woman Drove Drunk To A New Jersey Police Station To Pick Up Man Charged With DWI

MOUNT OLIVE, N.J. – 49-year-old Melissa Vitale got behind the wheel while under the influence of alcohol to pick up a man from a New Jersey police station who had been charged with DUI. She was called by 45-year-old Robert Woolf to pick him up after he was taken into custody for making an illegal …

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Drug Ring Busted By New Jersey Police Resulting In Arrest Of Delaware Man

According to New Jersey police, 21 individuals were involved in a drug case that sent cocaine to New Jersey from Texas and Delaware. Seizures They all were taken into custody on Monday. The cops recovered: 400 grams of cocaine 200 grams of crystal meth 120 grams of heroin 356 Percocet pills $39,000 cash 2 handguns …

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Water Tanker Truck Overturned In New Jersey By Drunk Driver Causing Diesel Spill

Forty-four-year-old Christopher Bellamy overturned a water tanker truck causing a diesel spill which caused the accident of 2 vehicles attempting to avoid the scene. On Friday night, Bellamy was behind the wheel of a truck and it overturned when he took a turn. He escaped after the accident spot. The cops succeeded in locating him …

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