Crime Rate Down Across South Jersey

CAMDEN – A report released by New Jersey State police showed that South Jersey was a safe place to live in the early years of 2018.

Efforts by law enforcement lead to a reduction in the crime rate. According to Burlington County Prosecutor Scott Coffina, engagement of the cops with the communities contributed in the decrease in crime rate.

Crimes related to sex also decreased in different areas including:

  • 8 percent in Burlington County
  • 3.6 percent in Gloucester County
  • 16 percent in Camden County

The rate of theft crime also decreased by:

  • 11.5 percent in Burlington County
  • 17.6 percent in Gloucester County
  • 5.2 percent in Camden County

35.7 percent of violent crimes were reduced in Cumberland County and the rate of nonviolent crimes was reduced by 33 percent.

The issue of drug addiction is on focus, said the Gloucester County Prosecutor, Charles Fiore. He added that the focus is on assisting individuals who are a victim of drug addiction, so they can get rid of it. According to him, the prosecutor’s office “continues to utilize an intelligence-driven approach to deter and disrupt crime, and when necessary, aggressively pursue and apprehend offenders.”

21.8 percent homicide rate is reduced statewide and 18.8 percent nonviolent offenses were decreased.

Camden County also saw a reduction in the crime rate. The number of violent crimes was reduced by 18.6 percent including:

  • Sex crimes which reduced by 33 percent
  • Gunpoint holdups decreased by 16 percent

In Burlington County, homicides were decreased by 42.9 percent while the rate is same in Gloucester County.

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