Still Searching For A DUI Test For Marijuana

16 patrol officers from the states of Colorado and Wyoming gathered in a hotel conference room in the State of Denver to do an experiment. In order to shop for marijuana, they got dressed in street clothes and went to nearby dispensaries. Officers present in the conference room were those who had duties assigned to keep the roads safe. They required a formal pot education for this. They needed to learn to identify the different marijuana products and paraphernalia. Chris… Read More

Drunken Driving Penalties Toughen Up For Drivers Who Kill People In New Jersey

TRENTON – According to a bill that was signed Friday by Gov. Chris Christie, drunk drivers who kill people in New Jersey will be required to serve a prison sentence of at least three years after being convicted of homicide. The new bill, known as Ralph and David’s Law, has been put in place to create third-degree strict liability homicide in cases where a drunk driver causes death of another person by an automobile, or by operating a boat while… Read More

At Least 17 New Jersey Doctors Still Practicing Despite Sex Crime Convictions

A recent report by New Jersey 101.5 showed that at least 17 doctors, who were accused or convicted of sex related crimes, are still practicing in New Jersey. The report also showed that some of them have agreements with the state to keep their identity hidden from those who come to them to get treatment. 6 such doctors were permitted to enter into private letter agreements with the Board, which hid their identities. The licenses of 3 doctors have been… Read More

32-Year-Old Ismail Iqbal Killed By Alleged Drunken Driver In Montville Crash

MORRISTOWN – On Monday, the woman who killed 32-year-old Ismail Iqbal while driving under the influence of alcohol was released from prison under the deal that she will only get behind the wheel to go to work and to her son’s school. The accident in which Iqbal lost his life happened on Friday on Route 80 in Montville. The timing of the accident was 6:57 p.m. He was the father of 2 kids and the woman who hit her also… Read More

Sexting Charges Defense

Sexting crimes are on the rise, as police and prosecutors all over the country crack down on these offenses against underage youth. Minors frequently use texting apps to send picture messages and video of themselves or people they know in compromising states of undress. Although many of these young people trade these images with others they already know, some of the recipients are legal adults. This images often qualify as child pornography. The thing few young people understand is they… Read More

113 Criminal Foreign Nationals Arrested In Week-Long NJ Sweep

113 criminals have been taken into custody this week. The good news was made public by N.J. field office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The age of the offenders ranged from 18 to 74 years old and it is revealed through a press release that most of the individuals arrested have a criminal history. The press release stated, “All of the targets of this operation were criminal in nature.” More than half of the offenders had prior convictions and most… Read More

Belle Mead Man Charged With Dwi After Driving To Nj Police Station

MONTGOMERY – According to the police, 58-year-old Kurt J. Lehmann was taken into custody for DWI after he went to the township’s police headquarters in search of his vehicle. He drove his friend’s vehicle to the police station at 7:39 p.m. on 2nd of May. He told the cops that he thought his vehicle had been towed to the police department. The cops observed signs of intoxicated while the man was at the police headquarters, so they issued field sobriety… Read More

Drunken Teen Driver Tries To Shut Window On Officer’s Arm

19-year-old Jethro Sylverne, who was under the influence of alcohol when he attempted to shut a car window on an officer’s arm during a traffic stop, has been charged and sent to jail. On Friday, Washington Township police stopped the teenager around 12:41 a.m. along Route 57 west in the township. The cops found 50 grams of marijuana during the car search. According to the cops, the teenager resisted arrest by attempting to close the window on the officer’s arm.… Read More

Six Members Of The Hackensack Police Narcotics Officers Suspended

HACKENSACK, N.J. – The entire unit of the Hackensack Police Narcotics Division, which included 6 members, has been suspended. The members, including the unit commander, the second-in-command, two detectives and two patrol officers, were suspended amid an administrative investigation. The news was confirmed by multiple law enforcement sources. Capt. Francesco Aquila, who is the officer in charge of the department, confirmed early Tuesday evening, “The officers were suspended pending the outcome of an investigation.” Aquila refused further comment on the… Read More

New Jersey Department of Law & Public Safety release Millburn Crime Stats

MILLBURN, NJ – Statistics from the NJ State Police show that the crime rate in New Jersey reduced by 5%. The 2015 Uniform Crime Report (UCR) revealed the number of crimes that occurred between 1st of January to 31st of December 2015. The following offenses with their rate are included in the report that fall in the category of: Murder Rape Robbery Aggravated assault Burglary Larceny Motor vehicle theft The definition of rape is also revised and the rate of… Read More