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Have you or someone you know been charged with a crime in Gloucester Township or Deptford? You need the help of our Gloucester, NJ criminal defense attorney. They will help you understand the legal procedures and protect your financial interests. If you have been arrested, a feeling of panic is understandable. However, an arrest does not always mean that the prosecution will win the case. Choosing a good criminal defense attorney is the first step toward protecting your freedom.

Helping You Avoid Jail Time

We do our best to help you avoid jail time. However, if you are convicted of a crime, no matter how minor it may seem, you may go to jail. In New Jersey, you may be convicted as follows;

  • You may get 10 to 20 years for a first-degree felony
  • Five to ten years for a second-degree felony
  • Three to five years for a third-degree felony
  • 18 months or less for a fourth-degree crime
  • Up to 180 days for disorderly persons offenses
  • Up to 30 days for petty disorderly persons offenses

A conviction for a crime can have severe consequences, including:

  • Murder: At least 30 years to life without parole. If the victim was a law enforcement officer, or if the murder was committed during the commission of sexual assault against a minor under 14 years old, the sentence shall be life without parole. 
  • First-Degree Aggravated Manslaughter: For this crime, you may be sentenced to a term of between 10 and 30 years.
  • Human Trafficking: The crime is punishable with 20 years without eligibility for parole, or 20 to life without eligibility for parole for 20 years. 
  • First-Degree Kidnapping: If the victim was at least 16, you may get up to 30 years in prison. If they were younger than 16, and you sexually assaulted the victim, you may get 25 years to life without eligibility for parole for at least 25 years. 

With our experience, we can help you avoid jail time or help get you the best sentencing possible for your situation. Where applicable, we can even help you identify and take advantage of alternative sentencing options. 

Helping with Criminal Records

A criminal record can affect you significantly. It can make it difficult for you to get your dream job, prevent you from owning firearms, make it difficult to get an apartment, damage your social reputation, and affect your self-esteem. 

If you have been arrested, you may get a criminal record, regardless of whether you were convicted or not. We can help you expunge them. If successful, your criminal record will no longer be available for potential employers or landlords to view. 

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