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New Jersey Supreme Court Says ‘Roving Wiretap’ Is OK

The New Jersey Supreme Court disagreed with a Camden drug organization leader Wednesday who challenged evidence obtained from a “roving wiretap” used to keep tabs on suspects using “burner” throw-away phones. The court upheld an Appellate Division decision and rulings unanimously which were passed by a Superior Court judge. The rulings allowed a joint Camden-Philadelphia...

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New Jersey Week In Crime – 19 February

A Central Jersey man is accused of killing his grandparents and a North Jersey woman is charged for killing a 90-year-old man. Both have been taken into custody for killing 3 senior citizens and they are included in the list of individuals either indicted for or sentenced for the involvement in a wide variety of...

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Bill Proposes Armed, Retired Cops To Be Put In N.J. Schools

Trenton – Bill (S2983) has been proposed before the state Legislature that would create a new category of police officers to station armed, retired cops under the age of 65 years inside schools in New Jersey. “Class Three” special police officers will be established to provide security at both public and private schools. Class Three...

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