Crime Rate Down Across South Jersey

CAMDEN – A report released by New Jersey State police showed that South Jersey was a safe place to live in the early years of 2018. Efforts by law enforcement lead to a reduction in the crime rate. According to Burlington County Prosecutor Scott Coffina, engagement of the cops with the communities contributed in the decrease in crime rate. Crimes related to sex also decreased in different areas including: 8 percent in Burlington County 3.6 percent in Gloucester County 16… Read More

Drug Ring Busted By New Jersey Police Resulting In Arrest Of Delaware Man

According to New Jersey police, 21 individuals were involved in a drug case that sent cocaine to New Jersey from Texas and Delaware. They all were taken into custody on Monday. The cops recovered: 400 grams of cocaine 200 grams of crystal meth 120 grams of heroin 356 Percocet pills $39,000 cash 2 handguns A sawed-off shotgun 31-year-old Duane Johns, the leader of the drug ring, got cocaine from 35-year-old Darnell Samuels. An investigation revealed that Samuels got the cocaine… Read More

Water Tanker Truck Overturned In New Jersey By Drunk Driver Causing Diesel Spill

44-year-old Christopher Bellamy overturned a water tanker truck causing a diesel spill which caused the accident of 2 vehicles attempting to avoid the scene. On Friday night, Bellamy was behind the wheel of a truck and it overturned when he took a turn. He escaped after the accident spot. The cops succeeded in locating him after some time on Veronica Avenue. Cops were at the accident scene for an investigation when a car stopped to avoid the accident and a… Read More

Manchester Township Man Arrested After Being Found Slumped In Vehicle With DUI

LACEY TOWNSHIP, NJ – According to Police Chief Michael C. DiBella, 47-year-old Adam Robles was taken into custody for driving under the influence of alcohol after he was found slumped over the steering wheel of a pickup truck on 14th of April. The issue was reported to the police. Officers Andrew Slota and Alan Abrecht approached the area of Bamber Lake near Dover Road and Smith Road at around 5:41 p.m. The cops seized his vehicle and sent him to… Read More

39-Year-Old Brooklyn Man Pleads Guilty In Route 440 Fatal DUI Crash

MIDDLESEX COUNTY – On 6th of September 2017, an accident that occurred on Route 440 left an Ocean Township man dead and 3 other individuals injured as a person was behind the wheel of a tractor-trailer while impaired. Aleksander Isserovich was taken into custody and charged after the case was investigated by New Jersey State Trooper Rafael Castro and Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office Detective Donald Heck. He was going in his tractor-trailer on Route 440 south when he struck a… Read More

This Week In Crime – Arrests Made By Clark Police

Last week, many individuals were taken into custody by Clark Police for different crimes. On 22nd of January, 70-year-old Walter Maxemow was taken into custody by Sgt. Christopher Tuccio for driving under the influence of alcohol at around 10:03 p.m. His court date is scheduled. Here are details of the arrests made on the same day: 44-year-old Chady Asham was taken into custody by Officer Alex Yanes around 8:43 a.m. on an outstanding warrant for contempt of court. 46-year-old Antoinette… Read More

New Bill To Make Drunk Droning A Prison-Worthy Crime In New Jersey

Just like drunk driving, lawmakers are also concerned about drunk droning and it may become a new crime in the state of New Jersey after lawmakers voted to approve the new bill. The bill was passed this week in the State Assembly and the bill states that it is a disorderly person’s offense to operate a drone: Intentionally or unintentionally in a way that endangers another individual’s life or a valuable To take or help someone in the taking of… Read More

Former New Jersey Police Chief Accused Of Hate Crime Pleads Not Guilty

CAMDEN, N.J. – 60-year-old Nucera, a White former police chief who was charged with a hate crime in New Jersey for hitting a Black man’s head into a doorjamb as he was handcuffed, has pleaded not guilty. The charges were announced in December against him and on Thursday, he pleaded not guilty. He had used police dogs to scare black individuals in many cases and he was also recorded making racist comments by another cop. The assault was a “clear… Read More

28-Year-Old Garfield Woman Arrested on Drunken-Driving Charges

On Saturday, 28-year-old Nicole Suero-Vinicio was taken into custody after a crash that happened on the George Washington Bridge. According to a senior public information officer, Joe Pentangelo, the police received a call reporting an accident. The cops responded at 1 a.m. Ed Berdecia interviewed the drivers of both vehicles that were involved in the accident. Suero-Vinicio was behind the wheel of the 2012 blue Honda with a flat tire and damaged body. She had bloodshot eyes due to which… Read More

Township Police Officer Accused Of Official Misconduct And Tampering

WEST DEPTFORD – 30-year-old Thomas M. McWain, a township police officer, is accused of official misconduct as he was involved in a plan to steer business to a drug-rehab facility for money. It is confirmed by the Gloucester County Prosecutor’s Office that McWain is also accused of tampering with proof and computer crimes in relation with other incidents. He “accessed computerized criminal records without authorization in order to benefit another individual.” He referred an individual to a drug rehabilitation facility… Read More