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Woman Charged With DWI As 9 Year Old Boy Critically Injured In Wayne Crash

WAYNE, N.J. – On Thursday, a suspected DUI driver caused a crash in which a child sustained life-threatening injuries. The boy was nearly killed in the accident that happened around 6 p.m. The accident spot was marked by a spray of pink color. It was a chain reaction and Kaitlyn Uscinski was a victim of the accident. She was going to attend her class at William Paterson University when the accident occurred. She was stopped at the busy intersection of… Read More

Critical Error Made By Law Enforcement In DWI Cases

Attorney Matthew Portella Brings to Light Major News for DWI Cases A New Jersey-based Criminal Defense Attorney Reports on a Critical Error Made by Law Enforcement in DWI cases Haddon Heights, NJ: Attorney Matthew Portella has been practicing law in the area of criminal defense for over 20 years. He firmly believes that as part of his job, he is obligated to stay informed about current affairs within his practice area in order to best advise his clients and potential… Read More

Unlicensed Drunk Driver Arrested For DWI After Nearly Hitting PD Vehicle

SPARTA, N.J. – Last week, a motorist was taken into custody by the Sparta police who was driving under the influence of alcohol without a license. According to Sgt. Dennis Proctor, Cpl. Rob Fraser and Officer Tom Herd were on-duty and on patrol at Main Street near the Goddard School, when a 2003 Buick came near their vehicle and crossed the double yellow lines. The motorist was about to struck the patrol. 60-year-old Diana L. Agana-Hutchings was behind the wheel… Read More

33-Year-Old Flanders Man Faces More Than $900 In Fines After Driving With Triple Legal Alcohol

MOUNT OLIVE TWP. – On 24th of October, 33-year-old Michael R. Bowley Jr. was ordered to pay the amount of $900 in fine for driving with a BAC level triple the amount allowed for driving. The judge ordered him to pay a $406 fine, a $250 surcharge, and $33 in court costs. He also ordered him to pay the amount of $50 to the N.J. Victims Crime Compensation Board and $75 to the N.J. Safe Neighborhoods Program. He pleaded guilty… Read More

35-Year-Old Township Resident Seriously Injured In Crash Faces DUI Ticket

RARITAN TWP. – According to the police, 35-year-old Josiah O. Sulouff, who sustained life-threatening injuries in an accident on Sunday, was issued a motor-vehicle summons for DUI. At around 12:59 a.m., Sulouff was travelling alone in a 2009 Pontiac G6 and was going north on Sergeantsville Road when his vehicle got out of control while going around a curve at the intersection with Bonetown Road. The vehicle hit an embankment and trees and stopped after hitting a utility pole. Sulouff… Read More

Philly nun charged with DUI after crashing into NJ building

On Wednesday, Kimberly Miller, a Philadelphia nun, was found guilty and was convicted of DUI charges after Washington Township Municipal Court Judge, Martin Whitcraft, ruled against her argument that she doesn’t remember crashing her motor vehicle into a New Jersey building. Miller was a teacher at Little Flower Catholic School in Philadelphia and was taken into custody last year after she drove her motor vehicle into an auto repair shop. The incident happened on the 7th of November when she… Read More

Uber And HERO Campaign To Be Used By NJ Bar Owners To Prevent Drunk Driving

This holiday season, Bar and tavern owners all across New Jersey are going to launch a major initiative to cope with driving under the influence of alcohol. To have designated drivers available for their customers to get them home safely, the New Jersey Licensed Beverage Association (NJLBA) and its members will be collaborating with Uber and the John R. Elliott HERO Campaign. The NJLBA bars and taverns that will be providing the service of free ride throughout the Garden State… Read More

New Jersey Supreme Court Looks At Right To Jury Trial In DWI Prosecutions

High Court Agrees to Hear Arguments on DWI Jury Right Issue The New Jersey Supreme Court notified attorneys and prosecutors on February 17, 2015, that it will consider the appeal of a New Jersey man facing prosecution for a fourth DWI. The defendant, James Denelsbeck, has asked the court to issue a ruling on whether he has a right to trial by jury. His request for a jury trial was denied by the municipal court, and that ruling was affirmed… Read More

3 Ways a Police Officer’s Body Camera Could Save You From a DWI Conviction – A Criminal Defense Attorney’s Perspective

“Cameras don’t lie, and they don’t forget.” This poignant quote from Washington Township, NJ assemblyman Paul Moriarty comes on the heels of New Jersey’s new law that requires all police patrol vehicles to be equipped with dashboard cameras.  Moriarty was charged with driving while intoxicated (DWI) in 2012, but the charge was later dismissed when evidence from the patrol vehicle camera footage showed that the stop was illegal and that Moriarty was targeted by the officer who arrested him.  That… Read More