New Jersey Teen Pleads Guilty Of Dumping Body Of Childhood Friend In River

On Monday, Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office announced that 19-year-old Preston Taylor pleaded guilty to dumping the dead body of his childhood friend, Sarah Stern, into a river. He entered plea at the Monmouth County Superior Courthouse to 7 counts, including robbery, hindering apprehension and disturbing or desecrating human remains. He was not alone in killing Sarah and he agreed to testify against his other friend who was involved in the case. 19-year-old Liam McAntasney assisted Taylor in killing Sarah. Under… Read More

Off-Duty Millville Officer Faces Multiple Charges After Being Involved In A Crash

MILLVILLE – On 17th of March, 31-year-old Michael D. McLaughlin was charged with DWI, leaving the scene of an accident, and reckless driving after he was involved in an accident. The location of the accident was Westwood Drive and Marlynn Terrace. The accident happened at around 10:58 p.m. He was behind the wheel of a Dodge sport utility vehicle and no other information, including the condition of McLaughlin at the time of the accident, was given by the police. He… Read More

Woman Charged With DWI As 9 Year Old Boy Critically Injured In Wayne Crash

WAYNE, N.J. – On Thursday, a suspected DUI driver caused a crash in which a child sustained life-threatening injuries. The boy was nearly killed in the accident that happened around 6 p.m. The accident spot was marked by a spray of pink color. It was a chain reaction and Kaitlyn Uscinski was a victim of the accident. She was going to attend her class at William Paterson University when the accident occurred. She was stopped at the busy intersection of… Read More

Increasing Fines In Municipal Courts

Many municipalities have now started turning to the law to generate revenue. This is becoming increasingly popular in small towns and municipalities where court revenues have doubled over the years. Towns that have the power to pass new rules either increase fines, or pass new rules that enforce higher fines. In this system, defendants are sent to the local court, so they end up staying in the same system again. Many of these towns have relied on municipal court revenue… Read More

New State Police Crime-Fighting Unit Opened In South Jersey

A new state police center opened in Deptford to cope with the increasing rate of crime by collaborating with crime-fighting resources and collecting data through 6 South Jersey counties. The new center will run in the same way as police centers run and will help take criminals into custody in Newark and Trenton. Major Frederick Fife is the person managing the crime center and according to him, “What we found is that it is really hard to connect Cape May… Read More

21-Year-Old NJ Man Charged With DWI In Fatal Crash

EDISON – According to the authorities, 21-year-old Mandeep Singh was driving under the influence of alcohol when he caused an accident early Saturday morning which left one individual dead. Singh was going on Old Post Road at about 5 a.m. when he lost control of his vehicle, veered off the road and crashed into a tree near Preston Street. 22-year-old Joel Patrone sustained serious injuries in the accident and he was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead… Read More

State Of New Jersey Alters Its Bail System And Upends Legal Landscape

PATERSON, N.J. – Under an overhaul of New Jersey’s bail system, people like Jamie Contrano may be considered a flight risk, as well as a threat to public safety, and they may even be detained while they await trial. 39-year-old Ms. Contrano was charged with possessing four envelopes of heroin. She also failed to show up for more than a dozen court appearances over the years. This makes her an ideal candidate for high bail and a lengthy jail sentence.… Read More

Trenton Man Sentenced In DUI-Related Crash That Injured Falls Cop

A New Jersey man has been sentenced to stay at the Bucks County Correctional Facility for at least a weekend after he was involved in a DUI-related crash that injured a Falls police officer. 30-year-old Richard Morales of Trenton was sentenced Tuesday to spend a minimum of 48 hours up to 6 months in county lockup. The sentencing took place in Bucks County Court. Court records show that Morales will also have to pay a $500 fine and will have… Read More

New Approach To Drunken-Driving Penalties Considered By New Jersey

New Jersey lawmakers are making plans to alter the laws related to driving under the influence of alcohol to increase the use of automotive devices that don’t allow the vehicle’s engine to start before a breath sample is provided to it. According to Assemblyman Joe Lagana, his bill will make it mandatory to install ignition interlock devices, but the chances of driver’s license suspension will be decreased. He added, “After a brief period of suspension, and the interlock device is… Read More

Law Enforcement Is Not Immune From The Law

Attorney Matthew Portella Reports How Law Enforcement Is Not Immune From The Law A New Jersey-based Criminal Defense Attorney Reports on Several Alleged Grave Mistakes Committed by a New Jersey Officer Trenton, NJ: Attorney Matthew Portella has practiced criminal defense law throughout the state of New Jersey for over 20 years. He believes that as part of his job, he is obligated to stay informed about current affairs within his practice area to best advise his clients about their related… Read More