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Common Types of Probation Violations in New Jersey

After being convicted of a criminal offense in New Jersey, the court could place you on probation instead of sentencing you to jail or prison time. What happens when you violate the terms or conditions of your probation? This post reviews the different types of probation violations, their consequences, and how a New Jersey Criminal...

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Do You Lose Your License Immediately After a DWI/DUI?

If you are stopped for driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or driving while intoxicated (DWI) in New Jersey, you may be worried about whether you are at risk of losing your driver’s license.  The short answer to the question of “do you lose your license immediately after a DWI/DUI” is only if you...

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White Collar Criminal Defense

New Jersey White Collar Criminal Defense Attorney  When you are facing criminal charges concerning fraud, financial crimes, tax evasion, or other related charges, it is critical to begin working with an experienced New Jersey white collar criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. White collar crime is a relatively broad area of criminal law in...

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What Are Traffic Violations?

New Jersey Traffic Violations Defense Lawyer  When you are stopped by a law enforcement official while you are driving, you may be cited for a traffic violation. There are many different types of traffic violations in New Jersey, and they carry a wide range of penalties depending upon the particular violation. Each type of New...

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DUI Criminal Defense Lawyer

 New Jersey DUI Criminal Defense Attorney When you are stopped for a DUI or DWI (driving while intoxicated) in New Jersey, you can face serious penalties regardless of whether or not you face criminal charges. Under New Jersey criminal law, a drunk driving charge is commonly considered to be a quasi-criminal offense. This means that...

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