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If you or a loved one have been charged with DUI/DWI, you need the help of a DUI/DWI attorney in Gloucester or Deptford. Everyone makes mistakes. The mistake does not always have to affect the rest of your life. A good lawyer will explain your rights to you and will do their best to get you the minimum consequences. They can explain the legal process and defend you.

In New Jersey, DUI/DWI charges are serious business. The penalties can be severe. They may include; jail time, a permanent mark on your criminal record, huge fines, and loss of driving privileges. If you don’t have an aggressive lawyer, you will be highly disadvantaged. The fact that you were caught drinking under the influence or driving while impaired does not mean that you have to plead guilty. With the help of a good lawyer, the charges can potentially be dropped. 

The New Jersey DWI/DUI Statutes N.J.S.A. 39:4-50

According to New Jersey law, it is illegal to drive under the influence of alcohol with a BAC of 0.08 percent, or under the influence of intoxicating drugs. If you hold a Commercial Driver’s License and are operating a Commercial Vehicle, the BAC should be 0.04 percent or less. Driver’s under the age of 21 may not have a BAC of .01 percent.

When you are pulled over, many emotions flood your mind including fear, shock, and anger. Do not let them cloud your judgment. Remain polite and patient. Being rude or aggressive might make the situation worse. 

Cooperate with the police when they ask for your paperwork. They will likely ask for your insurance documents, registration, and license. You don’t need to say anything more. After identifying yourself, you don’t need to answer any questions. Be polite and calmly explain that you would like to exercise your right to remain silent. 

Working with an attorney that cares about your needs increases your chances of getting the minimal penalties for your action. Do not immediately assume that you will be convicted of the crime. There are lots of ways to fight a DUI/DWI and win. 

Possible Ticket Defenses for DWI/DUI

  • Video defenses (?)
  • No reasonable suspicion for stopping the vehicle
  • Faulty Alcotest machine
  • Prosecution based on hearsay
  • No reasonable suspicion to detain for sobriety testing

It’s important to note that your defense starts when you are pulled over. You don’t need to wait until you speak with an attorney. Hire a lawyer as soon as possible. If you wait too long, you may not remember all the details of your interaction. It is important to analyze every aspect of your interaction. Giving your lawyer the details of your interaction makes it possible for them to help you. 

Consider working with a NJ DUI/DWI attorney in Gloucester or Deptford if you need legal help. We are experienced, professional, and passionate about the job. We will go out of our way to ensure that you get the process is smooth. We understand that every case is unique and we treat each one of them with the attention it deserves. Contact us today and schedule a consultation.

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