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If you have been charged with “possession with intent to distribute,” it means that the drugs were in your possession and you had the intention of distributing or selling them to other people. You have probably heard of cases where people were wrongfully charged just because they had the drugs, at the time of the arrest.

What warrants a charge for possession with the intent to distribute?

Sometimes, a law enforcer can develop a strong case against you depending on many scenarios. For example, you may have put the drugs in a specific container or have drug-related equipment. This alone is enough for the police to file charges that you had the intention of selling or distributing drugs to other people.

In another scenario, you may be charged with this if you were in a car or a house with another person who had the drugs, or drug-related equipment such as scales, bags, and large amounts of cash. Ideally, a law enforcer will arrest and charge you, as an accessory to crime. They may also inform you of the stiff penalties you are likely to face when found guilty. You may be tempted to plead guilty in order to get a lighter sentence, but that may put you into more problems.

When Should You Hire An Attorney?

Distribution or the possession with intent to distribute in Gloucester or Deptford, New Jersey is punishable by law. If you are convicted for the crime, you may face potential penalties including 10-15 years in state prison or fines. The prosecutor already knows this, which is why you need a qualified attorney to help you.

No matter how serious your charge is, getting a possession with intent to distribute attorney will work for your good. In most cases, the prosecution is relying on circumstantial evidence to prove you actually participated in the transaction in which you sold or distributed drugs to another person. The amount you received as payment for the drugs may not build a strong case against you, but it can also be used to prove it.

As expected, how a law enforcer discovered the evidence is of critical importance. For instance, they may have illegally pulled you over in your car, or entered your house without a search warrant. When this happens, the court may dismiss all evidence. This means that the law enforcer was conducting an illegal search, with the intention of charging you. But if the latter happens, an attorney can help convince the court otherwise.

A Gloucester or Deptford Attorney Can Assist You

The last thing you want is to get charged or convicted for a crime you never committed in the first place. At Law Office of Matthew V. Portella, LLC, we have dealt with drug-related charges. Through our dedicated team of knowledgeable lawyers, we will defend you to the best of our ability. We don’t just give up on your case just because the prosecution has presented a piece of tangible evidence. Our business is to ensure you get the justice you deserve. If you or someone you know has been charged with a drug crime in Gloucester or Deptford, New Jersey, call us today to get a legal representative.


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