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When your freedom is at stake, having an experienced criminal lawyer by your side is essential. A charge for receiving stolen property comes with substantial penalties in New Jersey, including a potential prison sentence of ten years. If you’re facing a charge in Gloucester or Deptford, NJ for receiving stolen property, Attorney at the Law Office of Matthew V. Portella, LLC can help.

Our law firm has been tackling receiving stolen property cases for over two decades. Whether it’s your first or subsequent offense, we’ll ensure that your interests are guarded at every step of the proceedings.

New Jersey Law on Receiving Stolen Property

Under NJ law, the prosecution must prove that the accused person was aware of the property’s stolen status for a conviction to happen. Section 2C: 20-7 of the New Jersey Statutes Annotated (N.J.S.A) states that you are guilty of the crime of receiving stolen money if you:

  • Knowingly receive or bring moveable property into the state while knowing that it was stolen or believing it was probably stolen

That means that the prosecution needs to prove that you knew that you were in possession of stolen property. As the accused person, you may use your intention of returning the stolen property to the rightful owner or owners as a defense. However, knowledge is presumed under state law if:

  • The authorities found you in possession of at least two items of stolen property on multiple transactions
  • You received stolen property in a separate occasion during the year before the year you were charged with receiving stolen property
  • You were in the business of purchasing or selling the property you received, and got it without confirming the seller’s legal right over it
  • The authorities found you in possession of a minimum of two defaced access devices
  • You are found in possession of property of a cargo carrier without proper documentation or other evidence of right to possession.

How We Can Help To Reduce Penalties after an Accusation of Receiving Stolen Property

Similar to most crimes of theft, if you’re accused of receiving stolen property, your resulting penalties will depend on the property’s value. A receiving stolen property conviction may be:

  • A 2nd degree offense with a possible jail time of 5-10 years and maximum fine of $150,000 if the property’s retail worth is $75,000 or higher
  • A 3rd degree offense if the stolen property has a value of $500-$75,000, which may lead to 3-5 years in jail and a maximum fine of $15,000
  • A 4th degree offense if the property’s value is $200-$500, which comes with a possible jail term of up to 18 months and $10,000 fine, or
  • A disorderly persons offense for a property valued below $200

However, note that a disorderly persons offense may also carry a potential jail sentence of a maximum of 6 months and substantial fines. That makes it vital for you to retain a qualified NJ attorney in Gloucester or Deptford even if your crime appears minor.

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