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Defending Clients Facing Computer Crimes in Gloucester & Deptford, NJ

If you are accused of computer crimes charge in Gloucester Township or Deptford, NJ, protecting your finances and your reputation can be daunting. Hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney is the best way to go about it. Find out why hiring an experienced lawyer is such a vital part of your defense.

Helping You to Avoid Jail Time

Computer crimes attract different jail sentences depending on the magnitude of your case. Your best weapon is an attorney who will prove your innocence in court. An experienced Gloucester NJ computer crimes attorney provides you with your best chance of avoiding a lengthy jail sentence. 

Helping You Avoid a Criminal Record

In addition to protecting your freedom, an experienced criminal defense attorney may also be able to help you avoid a criminal record. Having a criminal record for computer crimes can impact your life in several ways, including by:

  • Preventing you from obtaining certain jobs. Some jobs require a criminal record free of any convictions, or at least free of convictions of certain types. You risk losing your potential to land jobs such as accountancy, banking, or cashier. Background checks are a common aspect of the hiring process for many jobs. The best way to have a clean background check is to clean out your criminal record.
  • Damaging your professional or social reputation. A criminal conviction may impact your ability to remain in the profession where you are currently employed or cause you to lose clients once the word gets out. Additionally, criminal convictions can wreak havoc on your family relationships and can even impact the amount of custody that you can acquire for your children in a divorce. Other problems that a criminal conviction may cause include hampering your ability to get credit or purchase insurance.
  • Causing stiffer penalties for future crimes. The sentencing guidelines in New Jersey for many crimes take into account the number of prior criminal convictions that a defendant has. Avoiding a criminal record now can help you to avoid harsher penalties should you run into future legal trouble.

A legal team skilled in criminal defense will assess all potential options in your case, including a reduced sentence or a diversionary program that can help keep your record clean or free from more serious charges.

Helping You to Clear Your Record

If you’ve been arrested and charged for computer crimes, your criminal record will be created even if you were never convicted. What this means is that the problems as mentioned earlier, associated with having a criminal record may be true even without a conviction. The expungement process in New Jersey can prevent casual access to your criminal record by prospective employers, landlords, and others. The criminal records still exist, but they can still be extracted from the public eye.

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