Uber And HERO Campaign To Be Used By NJ Bar Owners To Prevent Drunk Driving

This holiday season, Bar and tavern owners all across New Jersey are going to launch a major initiative to cope with driving under the influence of alcohol.

To have designated drivers available for their customers to get them home safely, the New Jersey Licensed Beverage Association (NJLBA) and its members will be collaborating with Uber and the John R. Elliott HERO Campaign.

The NJLBA bars and taverns that will be providing the service of free ride throughout the Garden State will offer free soft drinks and other advantages to designated drivers who sign up for membership cards with the non-profit HERO Campaign online or at special HERO Night NJLBA events.

Uber will provide free rides up to the amount of $20 for 1st time riders who sign up through the NJLBA. It will also boost its struggle to increase the number of drivers available near bars and taverns at peak late night hours on weekends so that every person can get a designated driver when required.

The designated drivers have to participate in the study that will be conducted to know the impact of the program in decreasing the accidents and fatalities related to impaired driving. They are expected to work with the state and local law enforcement and highway safety officials to collect data that will assist in the study and to see the results.

According to NJLBA President James Bennett of Sea Isle City, owner of La Costa Bar and Liquors and Lobster Loft Restaurant, “We believe this partnership with Uber and the HERO Campaign is a major step forward in keeping our patrons safe. We also are committed to helping the HERO Campaign prevent drunk driving in John Elliott’s memory.”

“Our goal is to end drunk driving by making the use of safe and sober designated drivers be as automatic as wearing a seat belt. The licensed beverage association and Uber are helping us make that goal a reality,” said by HERO Campaign Chairman, Bill Elliott.

Since October, nearly 1,300 Uber driver-partners have signed up with the HERO Campaign and have provided more than 30,000 rides to bar customers around the state.

The HERO campaign was started in memory of Navy Ensign John Elliott who died in a DUI accident that happened in the year 2000. The campaign is looking for almost 100,000 designated drivers to accomplish the mission of reducing DUI accidents.

Ana Mahony, General Manager of Uber New Jersey said, “This partnership is about creating an environment that allows people in New Jersey to celebrate responsibly with the knowledge that they can always get a safe ride and a designated driver at the tap of a button. Uber is proud to be working with the HERO Campaign and NJLBA to keep drunk drivers off the road this holiday season”.

Uber is a technology platform that connects users with a safe and reliable ride to get home; it has changed the way individuals think about their transportation choices.

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