Township Police Officer Accused Of Official Misconduct And Tampering

WEST DEPTFORD – 30-year-old Thomas M. McWain, a township police officer, is accused of official misconduct as he was involved in a plan to steer business to a drug-rehab facility for money.

It is confirmed by the Gloucester County Prosecutor’s Office that McWain is also accused of tampering with proof and computer crimes in relation with other incidents. He “accessed computerized criminal records without authorization in order to benefit another individual.”

He referred an individual to a drug rehabilitation facility in which he had a financial interest. The person only knew him as a West Deptford Township police officer.

Earlier this year, he filed a police report with a “false narrative” which was related to an arrest and evidence seizure.

When McWain came to know that the investigation on his case has started, he deleted the text messages in which he had ordered an individual to bring drugs to a motor vehicle stop.

In 2016, he was honored by the West Deptford’s township committee for his struggle to cope with the opioid epidemics. Last year in the month of July, it was said that the officer got registered in courses that aimed at recognizing signs that a drug addict is ready and willing to start the recovery process. He was seen as “a source of pride for West Deptford Township.”

On Tuesday, he surrendered at the prosecutor’s office. He was released after his court date was scheduled for 21st of December. He was suspended without pay on Monday.

He was serving as a West Deptford officer since 2013.

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