New Jersey among the states with most lenient drunk driving laws

According to a report, New Jersey is among the states with the most lenient drunk driving and enforcement laws.

A report released by the WalleyHub, which is a personal finance website, showed that drunk driving has resulted in more than 1 million arrests, almost 10,000 individuals die and the economic damage that occurs every year is almost $40 billion. The report is released with the name of 2016’s Strictest & Most Lenient States on DUI.

The enforcement rules were analyzed by the WalletHub that are implemented in each of the fifty states and the District of Columbia on the 15 key metrics, which included fines and minimum prison sentences to ignition-interlock-device requirements that reduced repeat arrests of previously convicted DUI drivers.

The list below shows the rank of New Jersey in key metrics, lower numbers show it is better.

  • In the criminal penalty list, new jersey is on the 45th rank
  • The state is on 36th position in Prevention Rank
  • 13th on Minimum Jail Time (1st offense)
  • 22nd on Mie3nimum Jail Time (2nd offense)
  • 6th on How Long Old DUI Factors into Penalties
  • 21st on Administrative License Suspension
  • 14th on Minimum Fine (1st offense)
  • 13th on Minimum Fine (2nd offense)
  • 11th on Average Insurance Rate Increase After DUI

Given below is the list of states according to their position:

  1. Arizona
  2. Georgia
  3. Alaska
  4. Oklahoma
  5. Nebraska
  6. Kansas
  7. Connecticut
  8. Utah
  9. West Virginia
  10. Texas
  11. Virginia
  12. Delaware
  13. Louisiana
  14. Florida
  15. Washington
  16. Iowa
  17. Oregon
  18. Colorado
  19. Illinois
  20. Tennessee
  21. Nevada
  22. Alabama
  23. Arkansas
  24. Massachusetts
  25. New Hampshire
  26. Missouri
  27. South Carolina
  28. Hawaii
  29. Minnesota
  30. New Mexico
  31. New York
  32. Wyoming
  33. Kentucky
  34. California
  35. North Carolina
  36. Maine
  37. Indiana
  38. Rhode Island
  39. Wisconsin
  40. Montana
  41. Mississippi
  42. Idaho
  43. Michigan
  44. New Jersey
  45. Maryland
  46. Vermont
  47. Ohio
  48. Pennsylvania
  49. North Dakota
  50. District of Columbia
  51. South Dakota


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