Man Charged In Fatal DUI Crash Had A History Of Drunken Driving Arrests

WILLIAMS TOWNSHIP – 36-year-old Daniel P. Braeunig of Williams Township surrendered to state police on charges relating to an accident that took place 28 December in Williams Township in which 23-year-old Dallas Poff was killed.

The list of charges faced by Braeunig in the fatal drunken-driving crash were read by District Judge Daniel Corpora. As the judge read the charges, Braeunig shook his head and rubbed his eyes with his hands.

Details of Braeunig’s history of alcohol-related arrests were provided by prosecutors at the hearing.

Braeunig was charged with drunken driving by Wilson police the day before the deadly wreck, according to court records. His blood alcohol level at the time of the fatal crash was recorded at 0.16%, twice the legal limit allowed in Pennsylvania.

In Tuesday’s testimony, the prosecutors said that Braeunig faces three drunken-driving charges in New Jersey. His criminal record includes two drug possession charges and a possession of drug paraphernalia.

Braeunig, who lives on Raubsville Road, surrendered to state police Tuesday on charges related to the crash that killed Dallas Poff. The incident happened along Route 611 in Williams Township, according to state police. Braeunig was driving a pickup truck which crossed the center line of South Delaware Drive and slammed into Poff’s vehicle head-on.

Braeunig’s vehicle was found upside-down when officers arrived at the crash site. Empty alcohol bottles were scattered around and inside the vehicle. It was later determined that Braeunig was driving at a speed of more than 78 mph in a 40 mph zone at the time of the crash.

A day before the fatal crash, Braeunig was found sleeping in his vehicle by Wilson police . His vehicle was parked on a sidewalk and partially on the road. Dozens of whiskey bottles, some full and some empty, were found in the vehicle. A crack pipe was recovered from Braeunig’s shirt pocket.

He refused to submit to a chemical test to determine his blood alcohol level. However, police noticed that he had slurred speech and smelled of alcohol. He was charged with drunken driving because he refused the test. He also faced drug paraphernalia charges.

At Tuesday’s hearing, Braeunig arrived in a wheelchair with his foot in a brace. He testified that the injuries he suffered in the Williams Township crash required several surgeries to repair broken bones in his back and ankle.

Braeunig’s attorney, Robert Sletvold, asked for his bail to be set at $150,000. However, Corpora rejected that and set bail at $250,000. Before being taken away for imprisonment, Braeunig asked a woman in court with him to get him a pack of cigarettes from a nearby store so he could have one final smoke before going to prison.

Braeunig also told a pre-trial services caseworker that he uses cocaine several times a year. He said that he has not used marijuana for several months, but drinks beer and whiskey daily.

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