Woman Charged With DWI As 9 Year Old Boy Critically Injured In Wayne Crash

WAYNE, N.J. – On Thursday, a suspected DUI driver caused a crash in which a child sustained life-threatening injuries.

The boy was nearly killed in the accident that happened around 6 p.m.

The accident spot was marked by a spray of pink color.

It was a chain reaction and Kaitlyn Uscinski was a victim of the accident. She was going to attend her class at William Paterson University when the accident occurred. She was stopped at the busy intersection of Ratzer and Alps roads. Her vehicle was ahead of the minivan in which 5 kids were riding and a white Mercedes Benz crashed the minivan which collided with the vehicle driven by Uscinski.

Uscinski said, “I was slowly stopping and got hit in the back; like slammed in the back.”

The minivan was crushed by the accident.

Gina Damario-Aubin was behind the wheel of the Mercedes Benz, which caused the chain reaction.

A 9-year-old boy was left unresponsive after the accident.

Uscinski added, “I got a blanket out of the car was giving the kid the blanket. He was unconscious, and you know, the only thing I witnessed was the mom – she was calling like his name, like, ‘You can do it!’ like, ‘You can do it!’ She was crying. She didn’t know, like, what to do. She was freaking out. The next thing, she was on a stretcher.”

The mother of the injured child also sustained injuries. According to Uscinski, “She was bleeding from the mouth. She probably hit her head on steering wheel.”

After the DUI driver struck the minivan, she escaped the accident spot and continued driving over the rocks and knocked down a lamp post, said the police.

Wayne police Capt. Laurence Martin said, “We talk about it all the time. We have drunk driving educational courses that are out there. You have Uber that’s available to you. You have friends. You have neighbors. There are a lot of other reasons not to do this.”

The cops charged Aubin for driving under the influence of alcohol and reckless driving. A man present at the home of the suspected DUI driver didn’t comment on the case.

According to the police, the boy who sustained serious injuries was showing signs of improvement late Friday at St. Joseph’s Medical Center.

Aubin also has kids, so she is also a mother.

Till Friday, police was waiting for the intoxication test results.


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