New State Police Crime-Fighting Unit Opened In South Jersey

A new state police center opened in Deptford to cope with the increasing rate of crime by collaborating with crime-fighting resources and collecting data through 6 South Jersey counties.

The new center will run in the same way as police centers run and will help take criminals into custody in Newark and Trenton.

Major Frederick Fife is the person managing the crime center and according to him, “What we found is that it is really hard to connect Cape May to Camden County, or Voorhees to Pleasantville. It is very difficult to do that. So what we have the ability to do here in South Jersey is to bring these six counties together through our technology and some of the resources that we have. An example of that would be taking information that we can analyze, and push back to law enforcement executives that can give them the ability to fix with a spear rather than a net.”

He told that the center will help arrest offenders with the help of technology and collected data.

“There is less violent crime in South Jersey. So just because a police department does not have a problem with shooting incidents, does not mean they do not have a crime problem, because what we found is the commonality is heroin use and burglaries,” he added. “I think that we are really at the forefront nationally of what the information sharing environment really needs to look like.”

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