New Jersey Police Arrest Log For Sept. 29 To Oct. 8

JEFFERSON, NJ – From 29th of September to 8th of October, multiple individuals were taken into custody by the cops.

The arrests included individuals who were driving under the influence of alcohol and a suspect who stole a motorcycle.

Jefferson Township Police Department shared the following information about the arrests:

On 29th of September, 63-year-old Audrey Pendergast was involved in an MVA and he escaped the scene. She was searched by the cops and was taken into custody. Her court date is scheduled.

On 2nd of October, 23-year-old Joshua DeJesus was stopped and the cops found marijuana after his car search for which he was taken into custody. He is summoned to court.

On 4th of October, 50-year-old Kyle Kubs was stopped. He told a fake name to the cops because he didn’t want to be taken into custody and got his driver’s license suspended. His court date is pending.

On 5th of October, police found 2 individuals sleeping in the vehicle in the Ding Dong Deli lot. They both were taken into custody for CDS, having an open container in the car and underage driving.

On 7th of October, D/Sgt. Sean Krater and Detective Tim Hecht took 3 individuals into custody for Motor Vehicle Theft and Receiving Stolen Property. 19-year-old Joshua Bridges, 19-year-old Ian McSorley and 20-year-old Shane Skala were arrested. Dispatcher Hinchman’s data assisted in searching the car. The suspects were also searched and it helped in arresting others who were involved. Court dates for all of them are scheduled.

On 8th of October, 19-year-old Alexis Caravella got involved in a road accident that happened on Route 15 North. The car overturned and Ms. Caravella sustained minor injuries. After the investigation, she was taken into custody for driving while intoxicated. She is summoned to court as her court date is scheduled.

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