New Jersey Actress Amy Locane Featured In True Crime Story

The New Jersey actress, Amy Locane, who was sentenced to serve jail time for involvement in vehicular homicide and assault by auto in a DUI accident that happened back in 2010, has been selected for the new true crime feature from Entertainment Weekly.

She worked in Melrose Palace in 1992 and was also part of a musical comedy that was released by the name of Cry Baby. She worked with the celebrity Johnny Depp in that movie. After the deadly accident, she started a retail job.

Her star status began declining when she was eliminated from the cast of Melrose Palace as she was creating issues for other cast members. In that case, co-star Doug Savant said about her behavior, “an immature outlook on how the progression of her career was going to go.”

She went back to New Jersey and tied the knot with Mark Bovenizer; the couple had 2 daughters. She started working in a community theater and she just celebrated completing the show before she went to a party hosted at her friends’ home on the night when the accident occurred.

The 45-year-old actress said, “I’m not looking for this as a way to get back into the business.”

Locane was driving her vehicle 3 times the limit of BAC allowed for driving when she struck 60-year-old Helene Seeman, who was a mother of 2. Locane was heading back home from the party at her friend’s home when she hit the professor with her SUV who died.

She said, “I don’t even recall how many I had.”

The family of Seeman was expecting a heavy sentence of many years for Locane, but the judge noted the condition of her daughters when deciding the sentence as one of her daughters is suffering from Crohn’s disease.

Back in 2013 in court, Seeman’s husband yelled at Locane, “Having a sick child doesn’t give you a pass to kill my wife.” He was behind the wheel of the vehicle when the accident happened and his wife died. He himself sustained life-threatening injuries in the accident.

In June 2015, Locane was released on parole after completing 2 and half years in prison from her sentence of 3 years.

In the month of March, the prosecutors appealed and asked to revisit the actress’ sentencing. It was requested to assign the case to any other judge.

The actress is planning to speak to students and tell them the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol. She will tell how her good day was turned into a sad one. She said, “I understand how people would feel animosity toward me. It’s not an easy thing to go out and talk to these kids. But they say if you reach just one person, then you have tried to make the situation a little better. I mean, it will always be a horrible situation.”

Assistant Prosecutor Matthew Murphy had sought a prison term for 7 years and additional term of 9 months for assault by auto. He sought the sentence to run consecutively without any break. The judge didn’t sentence the actress again.

The actress added, “I know Judge Reed went out on the limb for me and I’m not going to let him down. When someone sees the good in you like that and gives you a second chance, you don’t want to disappoint them. I haven’t taken a drink since the accident.”

According to her, she is thinking to go into the film industry and start appearing on TV again. She also told that she is asked to write a book.

She is going to untie the knot with her husband as he decided to divorce her. He gave her the papers after she got out of jail after completing her sentence. She said about her divorce, “We are talking about something that’s incredibly sad and tragic. I think it would be sleazy to stage some sort of comeback.”

She is not out of trouble; the state is again trying to appeal the case for her resentencing.

A civil lawsuit is pending against the individuals who hosted the party and the actress.

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