Critical Error Made By Law Enforcement In DWI Cases

Attorney Matthew Portella Brings to Light Major News for DWI Cases

A New Jersey-based Criminal Defense Attorney Reports on a Critical Error Made by Law Enforcement in DWI cases

Haddon Heights, NJ: Attorney Matthew Portella has been practicing law in the area of criminal defense for over 20 years. He firmly believes that as part of his job, he is obligated to stay informed about current affairs within his practice area in order to best advise his clients and potential clients with their related issues, as well as to keep up to date on the happenings of his community. Recently, Mr. Portella took an interest in, and felt compelled to share, a piece of news that has caused over 20,000 DWI cases in the state of New Jersey to be subject to appeal – all at the fault of law enforcement.

It has been reported that Sergeant Marc Dennis, a coordinator in the State Police Alcohol Drug Testing Unit, was criminally charged this September after a supervisor reported that the sergeant was skipping a vital and legal step in DWI investigations. Allegedly, Dennis was failing to re-calibrating three breath-testing devices used by police to check the blood-alcohol levels of those accused of drunk driving. Law enforcement believes that Dennis might be guilty of third degree tampering with public records and fourth degree falsifying or tampering with records, as they speculate that he signed certifications claiming he had performed this mandatory step. This test is performed and recorded in documents that are used in DWI court cases to prove the accuracy of blood-alcohol readings. This major mistake has now deemed over 20,000 DWI cases in New Jersey eligible for appeal.

Clearly, law enforcement, as well as the legal system in general, is far from infallible. Attorney Matthew Portella advises that individuals simply cannot put their complete faith into legal authority and trust that they will always act in the best interests of the citizens. Fortunately, he asserts that these individuals will always have one person on their side, fighting for their legal justices and constitutional rights – their attorney. Matthew urges that seeking expert and quality legal counsel when one finds themselves in a situation where they are facing criminal prosecution is crucial, because, as evidenced in this article, it is not smart to assume that one will be presented with fair and complete details with the defendant’s interests in mind throughout their case.

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