Atlantic City – A Crumbling Gambling Empire With High Crime Rates

467309595-300x200In Atlantic City, New Jersey, the Showboat Hotel and Casino, home of Atlantic City’s House of Blues, has closed its doors. The Revel Casino has also closed only two years after opening – and having never earned a profit.

Revel, which was losing approximately $1 million dollars per week received another financial blow in August when an armored car company employee left a bag containing $20,000+ on top of its truck. Surveillance video showed the bag was still on top of the truck when it drove away from the casino. It is unknown exactly where the bag fell off the vehicle, and who collected and is holding onto the cash.

Atlantic City – Crime Rates and Corruption

Atlantic City’s gambling revenue has plummeted since Pennsylvania casinos opened in 2006; down from $5.2 billion to $2.86 billion in 2013. With the Revel closing, four Atlantic City casinos total have shut down in 2014.

The initial arrival of casinos into the city did serve as a boon for both employment and tourism. Unfortunately, gang-related crime is still prevalent in lower income neighborhoods, and about 30% of Atlantic City residents live below poverty. The crime rate in 2011 in Atlantic City was nearly triple the rate in Atlantic County.

Atlantic City also has a long history of corruption with five out of the most recent nine mayors pleading guilty to various crimes, including corruption and veteran benefit fraud.

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