At Least 17 New Jersey Doctors Still Practicing Despite Sex Crime Convictions

A recent report by New Jersey 101.5 showed that at least 17 doctors, who were accused or convicted of sex related crimes, are still practicing in New Jersey. The report also showed that some of them have agreements with the state to keep their identity hidden from those who come to them to get treatment.

6 such doctors were permitted to enter into private letter agreements with the Board, which hid their identities. The licenses of 3 doctors have been cancelled in the time period of a decade due to allegations or convictions for sex related crimes. In 2015 and 2016, the licenses of 2 doctors were revoked because of their involvement in sex related crimes.

The report revealed that doctors with a criminal history have been permitted to continue providing services by having a chaperone monitor to keep check on their interactions with patients or staff of the clinic or hospital.

Court documents show that a doctor named Leonard Joachim was convicted back in 1995 for sexually abusing 2 women in his office. Despite the allegations, he was allowed to practice for more than 2 decades. During the time period he continued practicing, many patients accused him for the same offense. Back in 2013, his license was cancelled as he pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a patient in her 20s in his office.

In the month of April, an appellate court decision noted that Joachim is not allowed to pursue the reinstatement of his license.

According to attorney General Christopher S. Porrino, the penalties of the doctors involved in sexual misconduct were altered back in 2015. He also said that prosecutors have been told “to seek the most aggressive penalty that is appropriate.”

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