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Your success is our primary focus at The Law Office of Matthew V. Portella, LLC. The stress of facing a DWI charge in Swedesboro can be immense. Our expert DWI attorney is here to assist you through each phase of the legal process. Profound experience in DWI defense has equipped us to understand the complex nuances of local laws thoroughly. Our mission is to protect your rights and work tirelessly towards the best possible outcome. Our method involves a personalized approach, where each client’s unique situation is carefully scrutinized and strategically approached.

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The Law Office of Matthew V. Portella, LLC comprehends the intricacies of DWI in Swedesboro. Our firm’s deep familiarity with local laws and procedures enables us to provide effective representation for clients facing DWI charges, securing favorable outcomes through diligent advocacy. We exceed settlements in DWI cases, examining case particulars, from field sobriety tests to blood alcohol content. Our expertise spans the spectrum of DWI law.

FAQs by Swedesboro Clients

What is the penalty for driving under the influence of drugs in New Jersey?

Driving under the influence of drugs in New Jersey carries penalties similar to those for driving under the influence of alcohol, including fines, license suspension, and possible jail time, depending on the circumstances of the offense.

Can I be charged with a DWI in New Jersey if I’m under the influence of marijuana?

Yes, you can be charged with a DWI in New Jersey if you are under the influence of marijuana while operating a vehicle.

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