35-Year-Old School Bus Driver Sentenced To Probation For Raping Teenage Girl

35-year-old Alexander Rodriguez has been sentenced to only serve probation after he pleaded guilty to raping a 15-year-old student.

The crime was committed in March of the previous year.

On Friday, Rodriguez was sentenced to a four-year suspended sentence and 10 years probation. When the judge inquired about no prime time, the attorney representing Rodriguez replied that he had already served 100 days.

The father of the teenager said, “We were immediately turned off by the fact that there was no jail time. There was nothing else we could do. I’m disappointed that somebody that commits a crime sexually, especially against a child, gets treated like a DUI.”

“Like you can just go to classes or you can just be supervised and that’s punishment enough,” he added.

Her father also said that it was a heartbreaking experience for the whole family.

The victim declined to testify against him at trial which is the reason that prosecutors could only charge Rodriguez with sex with a minor instead of sexual assault, said a spokeswoman for the Hamilton County District Attorney’s Office.

Melydia Clewell said that “It’s mandatory that he be given alternative sentencing.”

It is not the first crime committed by Rodriguez as he has 2 felony convictions, for drugs and unlawful possession of a weapon on his criminal record.

She further said, “He actually received a higher sentence than he would have if he had gone to trial and been convicted, because the maximum would’ve been four years of monitored supervised probation.”

He should be registered as a sex offender for the wrongdoing he did inside a school bus on 4th of March 2015.

The parents of the girl reported to the police when she didn’t come home. She went to school in the bus driven by Rodriguez which he took to the bus depot. He then forcefully took the teenager to a motel in his motor vehicle where he forced her to perform oral sex on him.

It is written in the affidavit, “She stated that she told Rodriguez no. She stated Rodriguez forced her legs apart and forcibly had vaginal intercourse with her. She also stated she was telling him no.”

The teenager said that she told Rodriguez she was in pain during intercourse and he allegedly replied, “I’m trying to make it hurt.”

Rodriguez received a call to inquire about the girl while they were still in the motel, after which he drove her back. According to the girl, she had to walk an hour to get home and the driver old her to tell her parents that she was with her friend.

The Affidavit showed that Rodriguez told the cops that he doesn’t know anything about the girl and when the cops asked about taking the student to a motel, Rodriguez asked for a lawyer.

The girl’s family filed a $10 million civil suit against the driver in March for emotional damage and lost wages.

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